It's Monday 15 October, we are all sitting at our desks ready to "attack" the week.

"With our passion and purpose you will profit." 

As the card above suggests ... we love what we do!



Everything we do is targeted at making your accounting easier by condensing bundles of information into simple strategies to get you ahead. 

But getting ahead and reaching your financial ambitions can't be achieved by just doing your end accounts and tax returns, touching base with you frequently or getting together regularly will. 

We will surprise you with what we know and what advice and ideas we can offer. 

Have a listen to our team song ...




The price of fuel still dominates our headlines, so has this tempted you to take the bus?

What a great result for the Kiwis over Aussie in the Rugby League, any win over the Aussies is sweet, but at their own game – even better. Don't forget the Silver Ferns win over Aussie as well in the weekend.

Sharemarkets had a bit of a correction which has been long overdue and there may still be a bit of the jitters to come. No need for panic, if you are selling then someone is buying, so does this represent a buying opportunity? Will the market bounce back this week?

The Ranfurly Shield is tucked up in Otago for the summer and you've got to love that.

A bit of routine, back to normal for many households as school goes back. Have you noticed how quiet the roads have been over the last 2-3 weeks?

Enjoy the week and if you've got a good boss you might just get next Monday off!


From 1 October 2018 we are required to put in place increased due diligence on client identity.

In August 2017 the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Amendment Act was passed into NZ law, and includes the accounting, legal, real estate and other listed professions from 1 October 2018.

To comply with this legislation, we are now required to put in place increased due diligence on client identity.  This means that for you, our clients, should the nature of your work change, we may need to obtain further verification of identity to be held on our records.

Changes that may require us to carry out due diligence under the Act may be as simple as changing from a salaried job to your own business activity, or a change in trustees of a family trust, or a change in company shareholding.

We will be in contact with you if we need to obtain further information. If we contact you to request identity documents, please know there is a definite and legal requirement for us to do so, otherwise we wouldn't be doing it!



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