The Bean Story

Our very own icon who is developing into a bit of a celebrity ... so who is this guy?

You will regularly see this character pop up in our newsletters, handouts, promotional material and various other correspondence.  If he hasn't found his way to your place yet then it's only a matter of time.

He has endless energy, he's dynamic, knows pretty much everything about accounting that there is to know but most importantly, he's here to support you in the good times and those that are not so good.

We're not going to deny that many of you will have heard all the jokes about the accounting profession and the sterotypical image of an Accountant, dressed in conservative clothes, cardigan for the cooler days, thick rimmed glasses, a lunch box carefully laid out and perhaps even some bicycle clips for the trip to and from work, in other words, your stereotypical "bean counter", but that' s not who we are.


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