Our Billing Structure

No one likes surprises, and in our experience most of our clients are happiest when they know we are both 'reading off the same page'.  Therefore at the outset we can discuss with you an estimate of the costs you can expect to incur.  As circumstances change, as each assignment or project develops and progresses, we will discuss any deviation in fees to make sure that you fully understand the reasons why they may change and to gain your approval.  We want our billing system to be a completely transparent one so that we both focus on the business in hand and avoid any misunderstandings.

At Perriams we believe in being up front and transparent.  For any engagement you wish us to undertake or act on your behalf we can provide you with a fee proposal.

What follows is an outline of our firm's charge out rates which are stated exclusive of GST.

Directors  $175  -  $220
Client Managers $145  -  $175
Senior Accountants $120  -  $130
Accountants $90    -  $110
Special Tax Work $185  -  $200
Xero Support $95
Payroll Support $95

Should you wish to obtain a free proposal for any engagement then please do not hesitate to make contact with us.

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