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Monday 18th May 2015

The $25.00 increase provided to beneficiaries in the budget was very Labour of National, don't you think?

As to kicking the $1,000 KiwiSaver kick start in the guts, I think that this is a disaster. Saving for one's retirement needs incentives and National just pulled that one right away from all those that are still to join. Definitely the wrong call made here.

Latest statistics show visitor arrivals to New Zealand numbered 2.96 million in the year to April 30th. Imagine the year/time when we could get as many visitors through the country that we have as our entire population.

Our beloved Crusaders now only have a remote mathematical chance of making the play-offs so they are all but out.

How concerned are you about the slow progress on the Christchurch Rebuild and in particular those Anchor Projects? The argument is that these things just need time but I'm not so sure the people of Christchurch and those that had visions of relocating to Christchurch can wait that much longer.



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