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    Monday 23rd February 2015 

    It was 4 years yesterday since the 22 February 2011 earthquakes and  close to 13,000 aftershocks that followed. For all of you who lost family, friends or knew those that were injured, our thoughts go out to you all.

    We would all love to have seen the rebuild progress more quickly than it has but as we were all in unchartered territory we just need to deal with where we are at at the moment and to appreciate that there is progress, albeit slow.

    David Bain is back in the news. On the subject of his compensation and what he is going to be entitled to- more money for the lawyers. 

    What would it cost the country to median strip every state highway from Bluff to Cape Reinga? That in my view would save a lot of lives on our roads.  

    Wouldn't this week be nicely capped off with a Black Caps win this weekend against the Aussies?


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