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Monday 3rd August 2015

  • Talk about cooking the books! Jo Seager's cooking business and café has gone into liquidation owing $1.6 million dollars. Surely there were signs that the pot was boiling over some time ago and therefore lots of unsecured creditors would not have  been left short of dough?
  • Now, if you didn't happen to find your name on last week's New Zealand NBR Rich List then that's probably a good thing. "It is proven that money does not bring happiness".
  • The Rugby World Cup is only six weeks away, but do you think that the build-up is feeling "pretty flat"?
  • How much of our house values relate to the financial premium people put on home ownership as opposed to renting?
  • The government are now looking to tax your Bach if you are seen to be renting this for more than six weeks in the year. This is a separate rule in the sense that it does not apply to the governments "bright line" tax which will be collected on any secondary home bought and sold within two years. 


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