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    Perriam's success is built on forging personal relationships with our clients. Simply put, the more we invest in understanding you, your family and your business, the more valuable the insight we can offer. 

    Monday 20th October 2014 

    What a great Test, Aussie v All Blacks and a very lucky result in the end. What I personally liked about the close result was that it was won on a try and a conversion, not a penalty at the hands of the Referee or the TMO.

    What do you think of Liquorland's new slogan "All the help you need"?  How PC are we getting? In my view, there's nothing wrong with it. The addiction support agencies that are "up in arms" over this should take a look at what our kids are watching on TV, rather than Liquorland's new motto.

    Did you achieve anything last week or set any goals in "money week", or for you was it just another week of the "daily grind"? There are only two things that are going to get you further up that "money tree" and that's you and some good old fashioned hard work. If you put the hard work in then it will pay.

    NZ's average hourly rate from wages and salaries is;

    Median          $21.94

    Average        $26.78

    You can see by the average that those earning top dollar are earning more than before.

    Have a great week! 

    Hey! We know it's Monday but it's also a new day, and new week and in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen.

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