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THE PACESETTER... 9 December 2019

We love it when Kiwis do well on the world stage so great news! Valocity, took out the Fintech Start Up of the Year award, beating 400 other entries. This is the top prize in financial technology, so no mean feat.

This November was the hottest on record for NZ, leading us into summer which long range forecasts predict will be a hot one.

While you are lying on the beach or beside a lake you will have time to ponder how you will vote in the cannabis referendum, as we now know what the questions are. We also know it's only indicative so the new government after the 2020 election can ignore a "yes" vote anyway!

In response to a new report on single-use plastics the Government is going to ban non-compostable fruit stickers. One word. Hooray!

A few of us identified with this meme as we dust off our bikinis and speedos "I wish I could drop my body off at the gym and pick it up when it's ready".






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