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    Monday 18th August 2014 

    Kiwisaver members now have on average more than $9,300 saved in their accounts. Kiwis in total now have $20 billion of funds invested in Kiwisaver. This is going to be significant for the country when we reach retirement age, and invariably become less reliant on Government Super.

    How did you enjoy the first weekend of the NPC Rugby Championship?

    All Blacks – 12, Australia - 12. Another high class game where everything is at stake and the Ref ruins yet another by the continued use of the whistle.

    Should Christchurch City put some of its assets up for sale to fund the huge shortfall of the rebuild? Absolutely I say, and why not start with a public listing of Christchurch Airport just as Auckland did with Auckland Airport?

    A great weekend weather wise wasn't it? With more light at the end of the day it just seems to add a bit more cheer to us all.

    I have left the last thought for the week with Robin Williams. No matter how well off you think someone is, or how better off you think they are compared to you, everybody has their demons 


    Have a great week! 

    Hey! We know it's Monday but it's also a new day, and new week and in that lies a new opportunity for something special to happen.

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