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20 June 2016

This week I'm still going to open up with property.

Just what will happen when interest rates do start to rise? Generally markets get jittery and property prices are next. If we can still afford to make the payments, what's the problem?

In the 1980's everybody was talking about the Share market and then came the crash in 1987. Now everybody is talking about the property market…..

McDonalds New Zealand posted a profit up 19% on 2015. New offerings like McCafe coffee and the roll out of "create your own taste" have given customers new reasons to visit McDonalds, and there is the lesson. To an extent our own businesses too must be continually evolving.  

There are 166 McDonald's restaurants in New Zealand.      

Peter Snell's famous singlet, where do you think it should end up? I say Te Papa.

All Blacks 2 Wales 0 = Series Won

Inland Revenue Scammers 

Phone scams

Hundreds of people around the country are getting calls about "unpaid taxes" from scammers saying they are from Inland Revenue.Pl

IRD customer services group manager Eleanor Young said more than 500 people have reported calls telling them they are being investigated for historic tax fraud or evasion, and threatening legal action.

The scammer requests personal information including the person's IRD number, before threatening them with legal action. In some cases people are told they must pay a debt urgently or face jail.

Some people have also reported scammers leaving voicemails stating the recipient is subject to criminal action for tax fraud, leaving a phone number for the person to return the call.

Young said Inland Revenue would never ask for credit card details or bank account numbers over the phone in order to process a monetary payment

"Customers should always be totally satisfied that they are talking to a genuine Inland Revenue staff member before handing over any personal details. These callers are quite clever and are particularly aggressive, so people need to be aware of being caught out", she said.

If you should receive a call that you believe to be an IRD scam please hang up and call either IRD direct on their listed phone number, not on the one they have given, or call us 03 358 3108.




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