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Monday 29th June 2015

The sale of $750 million in city assets was approved by the Council last week. It's a bit of a joke really that we have had to wait so long and it will now take another 5 years to get some of the anchor projects such as the Metro Centre underway. Personally I favour a 49% sale of Christchurch Airport and we could have the Metro Centre and Rugby Stadium built tomorrow and much more. What do you think?

There's talk that interest rates could still fall further this year which is great for borrowers. Some of you will have seen BNZ has recently announced a good fixed rate below 5% - now that's pretty attractive.

Those mighty Highlanders have made it to the final of the Super 15 which is absolutely fantastic. Do you know that if you had put a bet on the TAB at the start of the season for the Hurricanes and Highlanders to make the final it would have paid $251: $1.  

What would be the first thing you would do with the $23 million that the lucky punter collected from the Rotorua supermarket this weekend?

Did you know that….

  • The average size of a new house has increased 50% since 1989?
  • Auckland land costs have trebled over the past 15 years?


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