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    Tuesday 28th October 2014 

    Hope you celebrated NZ's introduction of the 8 hour working day in a relaxing manner, although many of you business owners out there may not have had such a luxury.

    For those of you who purchased Meridian Energy and Mighty River Power shares then you will be very happy with how the share price has been performing at rate.

    It still amazes me that we have some of our clients who have not yet signed up to Kiwi Saver. We have in five Newsletters over the last four years stressed that its a "winner" yet some fail to see why. If you are one of these then we would be happy for you to call and convince us as to why its not.

    It's hard to think that there are only 40 business days to go until 23 December 2014 when a lot of businesses will be closed off for the year.

    I think the NPC final between Taranaki & Tasman should have been compulsory viewing by all rugby followers. That's how the game should be played and Super Rugby should take a leaf out of their own book.

    It's only a short week and you can't blame Mondayitiss for a slow start to the week this time.

    Have a great week! 

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