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The first thing you need to know about us is that we are really good at our job, the second is that this website is updated weekly, yes weekly, and the third, it's you the client which is the very reason why we come to work, to support you. 

"with our passion and purpose you will profit" as the Ace above suggests we just love what we do. 

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Everything we do is targeted at making your accounting easier by condensing bundles of information into simple strategies to get you ahead. 

But getting ahead and reaching your financial ambitions can't be achieved by just doing your end accounts and tax returns, touching base with you frequently or getting together regularly will. 

We will surprise you with what we know and what advice and ideas we can offer. 

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17 July 2017 

This week must start with the 'Fed Express' and yet another Grand Slam win. His 8th Wimbledon title. He's in my top four to invite to dinner!

How did the first week of the school holidays go? Yes, it was cold but is that a good enough excuse to keep the kids inside?!

The Crusaders superb run this year in Super Rugby could very well end this Saturday night as the mighty men from the South make up the opposition, it will be a nail biter.  

Food prices are bugging people this winter. It feels like were being ripped off. Part of the problem is inflation is supposed to be low. It is for - TV's, phones, clothes and broadband plans. It definitely is for wages, but food – fresh, healthy food in particular – hasn't stuck to the script.

The residential property market is certainly cooling across the country and what a good thing.

For KiwiSaver to be counted as a true success it needs to get people saving who otherwise would not and this would leave everyone better off, but is it doing that?

Where are you at with Tourism New Zealand launching its latest advertising campaign as "100% pure"? Whilst I agree marketing is marketing let's be honest we're not 100% pure.  




















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